Minutes of Corporate Trustees of Darwin Gardens Trust 7th March 2011 Print

Present: Cllr Mann (Chairman); Cllr Bowen (Project Manager) Cllrs Dixon, Morrell, Brown, and Walbank

In attendance: Mrs H C Dale (Clerk to the Trustees), Mrs F J Birdsall, Mr K Cooke (ex Trustee)

Apologies: Cllr Goddard, Cllr Best

Chairman's Welcome

The Chairman welcomed all present to the meeting.

001/2011 Minutes of previous meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 22 June 2010 were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Proposed Cllr Bowen

Seconded Cllr Dixon

All were in favour

002/2011 Matters arising not covered otherwise on the Agenda

It was noted that the insurance needs investigation before renewal due in May 2011.

003/2011 Report from Project Manager

Work Plan Cllr Bowen said that there are ongoing issues to report on. Reference was made to the work plan (circulated) which had been drawn up by Mr Cooke. The plan was working well with some follow up required with Warwick Beecroft (Down to Earth) regarding trimming and dealing with the culvert. A Gentleman's agreement is in place with BMDC. It was agreed this should be kept informal and the officer concerned to be contacted if gardens need a particular spruce up prior to an event. It was suggested a contingency plan is made in case BMDC no longer able to mow the three greens.

Mr Cooke commented it is good to see Down To Earth gaining confidence with the project and using initiative.

New Flags Cllr Walbank reported new flags would be approx £60 for Union Jack and £30 for St George's flag standard size 6ft x 3ft. Cllr Walbank to go ahead and purchase. Budget up to £150

Proposed Cllr Brown

Seconded Cllr Bowen

Clerk to ascertain if Trustees able to reclaim VAT.

Procedures The Project Manager made reference to the suggested procedures drawn up for use by the office when dealing with memorial enquires (circulated).

Cllr Morrell asked how the optimum number of benches had been decided. It was agreed to carry out an audit to identify any further sites for benches. Cost may be a deterrent £550 + VAT for new bench. Approximately £700 when fixed in place

Cllr Morrell asked for clarification regarding planting of new trees. Mr Cooke confirmed that the ex Trustees had given careful thought to the future spread of existing trees. The trees already in existence in the gardens will eventually make a wood given time.

Maze Cllr Bowen explained some number plaques are missing and it was the intention not to replace them as there is a plan of all stones on site. Discussion regarding practicality of replacing all numbers would be too expensive and full replacement is not required. Suggested monitoring the situation and replace as necessary. Maybe all the "tens" are replaced in due course to help as a reference point for other stones. Mr Cooke confirmed only approximately fifty numbers currently missing out of a thousand.

Willow Project Unfortunately Cllr Goddard was absent so unable to make report to Trustees. The Chairman commented project had been a roaring success and Cllr Goddard had already reported on this to Council.

Cllr Morrell suggested speaking with school teacher who had led the Willow Project. In order to maintain contact with schools involved the Project Manager to contact teacher concerned. It was agreed that before approaching other Ilkley schools a specific proposal should be drafted. Comment made that involving artist would be a good idea.

The Project Manager and the Clerk to look into and report back to the AGM in June.

It was proposed that a possible project could be initiated for the autumn term.

Green Flag Community Award An on-line application has been made. Judging will take place end April/beginning June

Cllr Bowen wished to commend the office and ex-Trustees for their help in this matter.

004/2011 Finance

Current balance to date £1,165.22

It was noted a further £1,500 will be transferred to the account from IPC at

1 April 2011 to cover routine maintenance. Cllr Bowen confirmed Down to Earth do not intend to increase their rates

The Clerk confirmed K Pickles will audit the accounts as previously. There is an outstanding amount of £176.25 to pay to Down to Earth.

The expenditure is quite tight and the Trust may need to apply for further outside funding.

005/2011 Website

In order to update the website the Project Manager and Clerk to discuss with Cllr Andrew McKie and www. ilkley.org to ensure up and running as soon as possible.

006/2011 Projects

Notice boards. It was the intention to re-furbish the existing notice boards replacing Perspex and refurbishing the wood.

The major on-going project is that of replacing the steps. Cllr Bowen had received three quotes and put forward that he would like to place the work with Folia Landscapes based in Baildon as he believed that they would do an excellent job. Emphasis will be on sympathetic approach to maintain nature of the gardens.

Quote included rebuilding steps and also repainting and straightening, where necessary, Edwardian railings beside beck.

Quotation £2,700 + VAT – Steps

Quotation £595.00 + VAT - Railings

Project Manager will have to seek funding for this work, will try WREN

Date of Next meeting

The AGM will be held on Monday 13 June 2011 in the Council chamber.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 19.18pm

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