Minutes - Darwin Gardens Trust AGM 22nd June 2010 Print




Trustees: Cllr Mann (Chairman), Cllrs Dixon, Brown, Bowen, Walbank and Best.    

Mr K Cooke, Mr B Hill, Dr J Yule

In attendance :   Mrs C Dale, Clerk to the Trustees

Apologies :  Trustee Cllrs McKie, Goddard, Gibbons and Morrell

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed by Cllr Bowen

Seconded by Cllr Brown

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the first meeting with IPC as Corporate Trustees held on 15th February 2010 be accepted as a true and accurate record.      

All in favour.

Matters Arising

A copy email previously circulated 3 March 2010 was noted where the Clerk had responded to issues raised at the last meeting.


The Clerk reported that the financial year for the Trust had been altered from 31 May to 31 March to correspond with the Council financial year.   The Charities Commission had been notified.   Accordingly the figures for the period 1st June 2009 until 31st March 2010 had been prepared and audited by Mr K Pickles CPFA.

Proposed by Cllr Bowen

Seconded by Cllr Dixon

RESOLVED that the accounts for the period ended 31st March 2010 be accepted and approved.    All in favour.

The Chairman thanked the Clerk and the auditor for their work on the accounts.

The year commencing 1st April 2010 had a balance brought forward of £1,222.76 to which £1,500 was added from IPC to cover expenses as agreed at the IPC Budget meeting.    The insurance for the coming year had been renewed and the first visit from the contractors, Down to Earth, of £176.25 had been paid.     The current position showed a balance of £2,222.72.

At the previous meeting a figure of £1,000 had been agreed for visits (£157/visit) by the contractors for general maintenance.    Cllr Goddard, as Project Manager, had discussed 8 visits a year at an increased cost which would be £176.25 x 8; £1,410 per financial year.   This would require ratification by the Trustees.

It was noted that the site was planted up now and maintenance was necessary as directed. The new Project Manager, Cllr Bowen, to look into this.

Proposed by Cllr Best

Seconded by Cllr Bowen

RESOLVED that £1,500 should be allocated for the general maintenance costs for the year.   All in favour.

Project Manager

The Chairman took the opportunity to thank Cllr Goddard for his work as Project Manager, ably assisted by Cllr Best, and to welcome Cllr Bowen as the new Project Manager.

Cllr Bowen reported that he would be forming a team to cover the week-by-week  running of the Gardens.   He hoped to include interested members of the public as well as other Trustees, together with any ex-trustees, and to have links with the wider community.     Mr Cooke, an ex trustee, said he was prepared to advise on work plan for maintenance, mission statement, programme of activities, possible community events etc.    The Chairman thanked Mr Cooke; the Trustees were most grateful for his and other ex-trustees’ continued involvement.

Discussion Items

It was agreed that initially Cllr Bowen’s team would:


  • review the insurance arrangements to ensure no changes were necessary;
  • consider a work plan for the year and costs involved;
  • consider new flags (the Union and St George’s flags needed replacing) – Cllr Walbank to report on costs involved.   
  • The pond needed periodic maintenance – to be included in work plan.  
  • The Green Flag scheme to be investigated.


Any Other Business

External Funding – Mr Cooke to ask Dr Harnett to inform the Clerk of any sources previously used by the Trust.

Mole problem – chemical have been banned and have to live with the problem

Orienteering event April – use of car park (BMDC owned) but IPC informed.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.14pm


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