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The former West View Park, Wells Road, Ilkley, was revived and restored as a Millennium Green for the year 2000 and renamed Darwin Gardens in memory of the visit of Charles Darwin to Ilkley in the autumn of 1859.  It was officially opened on 24 June 2000.

The purpose of Darwin Gardens is to provide an area of relaxation and of enjoyment of nature for residents and visitors, as well as a potential educational resource. With very few exceptions which date from earlier times, the plants and trees are all endemic species so as to encourage and sustain native wildlife. Without formal flower beds and planting out, the site reflects the natural seasons of the year.

The Trustee aims to manage the Gardens as a natural site, mowing the greens, clearing the path sides and trimming hedges so as to facilitate pedestrian access and enjoyment.

For more information about Darwin Gardens visit: http://www.darwingardens.org.uk/

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