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Neighbourhood Planning

Local people can now have a direct and active say in helping to shape development in the areas in which they live through ‘neighbourhood planning’.

Local communities can now take advantage of new powers created by the Government through the Localism Act 2011 to have more of a say in the development of their local area (within certain limits and parameters). This can be done through the following methods:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plans: These plans are policy documents prepared by the community and set out a framework for future development, including design standards and infrastructure. They must be prepared in accordance with the statutory Planning Regulations and following a local referendum they can be adopted by the Council for them to be formally used and recognised in the planning process and part of the Local Plan.
  • Neighbourhood Development Orders: These orders enable planning permission to be granted by a community without the need for a planning application to be submitted by a developer.
  • Community Right to Build: A community is able to develop or buy assets to hold in perpetuity subject to certain thresholds.

The legal regulations for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan can be found here:

Further information and supporting available to communities relating to Neighbourhood Planning can be found on the following websites:

In order to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), an area must first be formally designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’ by the Council. A relevant body, for example a Town Council, a Parish Council or a Neighbourhood Forum, can submit a request and a proposed boundary map to the Council for consideration - this is known as a Neighbourhood Area Application. The Ilkley Neighbourhood Area was approved by Bradford Council’s Executive Committee on 5th November 2013.

Once the draft Ilkley Neighbourhood Plan is complete following consultation the Parish Council will then submit the plan to Bradford Council.

Bradford Council is then responsible for publicising the plan and arranging an independent examination. The independent examiner will examine whether the plan meets the basic conditions and other relevant legal requirements. If the plan meets these requirements the examiner will recommend it proceeds to the referendum.

A referendum must take place on the submitted plan to determine if the community agrees with it. If the plan receives more than 50% of those voting in the referendum voting ‘yes’ then the Council will bring the plan into legal force.


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