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Representatives on Outside organisations 2016-17

Bandstand Management Committee: Cllr Souter

Churches Together Ilkley: Cllr Mann

Coronation Hospital: Cllr Gibbons

Coutances Twinning Committee: Cllr Mann

Friends of Ilkley Lido: Cllr Rickard

Friends of Ilkley Moor: Cllr Darling

Friends of the Manor House: Cllr Mann

Ilkley & District Good Neighbours: Cllr Mann

Ilkley & District Road Safety: Cllr Murison

Ilkley Business Forum: Cllr Ridgway, Cllr Rickard & Cllr Murison

Ilkley Fairtrade Group: Cllr Mann & Cllr Darling

Ilkley Flower Show: Cllr Souter

Ilkley in Bloom: Cllr Sugden

Ilkley Senior Citizens: Cllr S Butler

Keighley and Ilkley Voluntary Community Action: Cllr Mann

Parish Liaison Meetings:   Chairman, Vice-Chairman and/or Clerk

Tourism Partnership: Cllr S Butler

Wharfedale Festival of Performing Arts: Cllr Gibbons

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations: Chairman and Vice Chairman

Please note that the above councillors act as representatives of Ilkley Parish Council on the above organisations and as such they are not members of these organisations.


Project Managers 2016/17:-

Allotments:                                 Cllr A Walbank

Christmas & Jubilee Lights:     Cllr J Souter

Christmas Carol Service:          Cllr B Mann

Concert on the Grove:               Cllr M Gibbons

Traffic/Car Parking:                   Cllr M Ridgway

Neighbourhood Plan:                Cllr B Mann

Cemetery & Riverside Paths:      Cllr C Darling


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